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Taking Pre-orders for Spring 2018 

2018 Nucs and Hives Available


Single Box Hives with Local Queens

Available Third Week of June 2018 


Notes on Purchasing:

All Hives, Nucleus Colonies and Queens must be picked up at the Ramsayville Road Beeyard, no deliveries. Availability weather dependant.

We are not responsible for hives or nucs when they leave our yard. Please bring protective clothing and netting  (50% deposit required upon reserving a nuc or hive).

         Phone: (613) 291-5246             Email:

Nucleus Colonies

Nucleus Colony with Chilean Queen (imported)

Available End May 2018   (Weather permitting)



Ontario Nucleus Colony with Local Queen

Available Second Week of June (Weather permitting)



Chilean (Imported)

Available for Pickup Mid May


Local Queen

Available for Pickup Early June