Rent A Hive and Rent A Space Programs

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  Overbrook Honey and Beekeeping Supplies

Rent a Hive Program:  $355.00/season (HST Included)

Ideal for people who want to try their hand at beekeeping but who are not permitted, or do not have room for a hive on their property. Specifically geared to people who live in urban areas.

- Rent a hive for one season. All tools and protective gear provided.
- Start with a single brood chamber and a nucleus colony.
- Build up hive to a double brood chamber before applying medium honey super.
- First medium super of honey is yours. Use of extracting equipment included in the price.
- Continuous mentoring and support provided.

If you feel after the first season that beekeeping is for you,  a $100.00 credit will be applied toward the purchase of any hive kit with a nucleus colony.

The advantages of this program is that it provides the person with the opportunity to experience beekeeping with limited commitment and financial outlay. In addition, with renting, there is no exposure to hive loss from vandals, disease, animals, or during overwintering.

Rent a Space Program: (Cost varies according to equipment selected)

Buy your own nucleus colony and beekeeping equipment. Keep your hive in our bee yard. All the honey you produce is yours. Continuous mentoring and support is provided.
First year hosting cost and use of extracting equipment included in the purchase of your nucleus colony and beekeeping equipment. Annual cost after first year is $50.00.

The location of the beeyard is just south of Innes Road on 2875 Ramsayville Road
(between Ridge and Russell Roads).